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  Snow pac provides more stable and comfortable position to patients and saves valuable time for the entire O.R team on every case.
  It prevents pressure points : aids to become comfortable position
It aids faster, easier set-up : aids better surgery position presentation.
Snow-Pacs are soft pads (available in various sizes and shapes) that are filled with thousands of tiny plastic beads. The Snow-Pac is molded around the patient and then a suction line is attached to it.
As a vacuum is created inside the Snow-Pac for 15 Seconds, outside atmospheric pressure forces the beads together so they cannot move.
When the suction line is disconnected, the Snow-Pac retains its firm, molded shape and holds the patient securely in position.After surgery, the valve is opened and as air reenters into the Snow-Pac it becomes soft again, ready for reuse.
More Stable
Because Snow-Pacs are molded well , firmly and securely to shape of the patient's body than sandbags, towel rolls and other devices that are merely propped against the patient.
More Comfortable
The apparent wrinkles are inverted-drawn inward by suction and will not irritate the skin.
Better Presentation
With Snow-Pacs the patiant can be positioned exactly as the surgeon desires for excellent presentation of the operative site. Snow-Pacs conform to any shape, so the patient's position does not have to be compromised.
More Versatile
With Snow-Pacs patient can often be placed in positions that could not be easily achieved using other positioning devices.
No Pressure Points
A Snow-Pac supports all parts of the patient's body uniformly, like a floating mattress.
Weight is distributed evenly, instead of being supported only by the bony prominences,which cause pressure point injuries.
Save Time
Patients can be positioned much more quickly and easily using Snow-Pacs, and if necessary,be repositioned during a case.
Any Vacuum Source
Use wall suction, aspirator pump or any other convenient O.R. vacuum source.
Snow-Pacs give years of O.R. service. Rubberized-vinyl fabric is soft but durable.
Excellent radio-transparency with only minimal and clearly identifiable artifacts.
Clean, Disinfect, Sterilize
Can be cleaned with regular soaps and liquid disinfectants or sterilized by gas.
Save Money
Snow-Pacs save the cost of sandbags, towel rolls and other positioning devices, and they save time on every case.
Repair Service
Factory inspection and repair service available at nominal cost after warranty period. Full One-Year Warranty.
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